Core Values

The Core Values of Real Life Ministries:

God-centred: seeing the Father’s love as foundational and Jesus as pre-eminent – Expressed through prayer and worship.

Bible-based: holding the Bible as the absolute and final authority – Expressed through Word study and application.

Spirit-led: desiring for the Holy Spirit to direct us – Expressed through relationship with and obedience to the Holy Spirit.

FORMED in community:

People of Integrity:  living with humility and honour – Expressed through good stewardship, accountable relationships and the pursuit of justice.

Committed to discipleship: believing that this is the process of transformation – Expressed through Intentional pursuit of Christlikeness.

Devoted to marriage, family and relationships: believing that God is relational – Expressed through equipping and supporting people in their vital connections with others.

Servant leaders: acknowledging that God works through anointed leaders – Expressed through mutual submission and intentionally developing leaders.

FRUITFUL in this world:

Everyone is valuable: treating all people as important and unique as they are made in the image of God – Expressed through a welcoming environment for all.

Relevant to our times: providing biblical hope for present reality and current needs – Expressed through practical support and engagement for all.

A Godly influence in the world: obeying the call to make a difference – Expressed through engaging with society and influencing it positively.